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What is NBA 2K23 MT?

MT Coins are the main currency in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM mode, also known as MyTEAM Points. Players can use MyTEAM Points, a unique currency, to purchase top-performing player cards in the Auction House and pack them at the Pack Market. Additionally, players can earn MT, an in-game currency, by playing games and selling players. Collecting as many MT coins as possible can help you build a strong team. Are you ready to take your team to the top?

How To Trade NBA 2K23 MT?

Discover the safest, fastest, and most affordable way to purchase MT for NBA 2K23 without risking an account ban. The following are the specific steps to purchase MT Coins from Ezwtb:

  • Step 1. Open the game and click "Auctions" on the main menu; select "My Auction".
  • Step 2. Put the player cards you wish to sell in "My Auction".
  • Step 3. Set the "Buy Now Price" card to the amount you want to buy MT Coins.
  • Step 4. Set the duration to 24 hours, and add the cards to your Order Information.
  • Step 5. Input the correct Order information, click Payment, and Complete Pay.
  • Step 6. Ezwtb will buy the Player Cards you put in the Auction House, and you will have the NBA 2K23 MT.

Note: Step 3 uses a random number for the last two digits of the "Starting Price" (e.g. 50,000 is set to 50,021). You need to unlock 30 cards to unlock the NBA 2K23 Auction House.

Why Choose Us?

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Instant Delivery

270+ professional NBA 2K23 players provide NBA 2K23 MT and 9000K MT in Stock, so 99% of NBA2K MT orders are completed within 30 minutes.

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The smart price system counts the NBA 2K23 market price every hour and updates NBA 2K23 MT price, thus providing cheaper NBA2K MT.

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NBA2K transaction guarantee system eliminates the worries of purchasing NBA 2K23 MT. Apply for a refund before delivery, 100% refund within 24 hours.

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10+ professional NBA 2K23 customer service. Providing NBA 2K23 MT customers with 24/7 online live chat support Friendly and quickly.

NBA 2K23 MT Rating & Reviews

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4.5 out of 5 (from 83 Customers ratings)

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31 Mar
4 / 5

When i order NBA2K MT by Ezwtb im very sure that i get the MT quick and easy in my NBA2K acc. I only trust in to Ezwtb when i want to pay for MT or others..

30 Mar
5 / 5

Quick, easy, cheap NBA 2K23 MTer. Not much more to ask for.

29 Mar
5 / 5

I accidently bought something for 90€ instead of just 10€ 2 days ago. After 5 Mails and like 12 hours of waiting in the Live Support to be connected I met Jesse.

28 Mar
4 / 5

Fast NBA2K MT and everything worked perfectly.

24 Mar
4 / 5

Got very Quick NBA 2K23 MT service and a high discount on thr regular price

23 Mar
5 / 5

The quickest and cheapest way to receive NBA2K points


Ezwtb is a professional and reliable NBA 2K MT selling site providing customers with safe and cheap MT Coins. With NBA 2K23 set to release in the fall of 2022, you can start building your dream all-star team by purchasing NBA 2K23 MT coins from us. 

We constantly update our prices to ensure they stay competitive and offer the most affordable NBA 2K23 MT coins. Our secure payment system ensures your transactions are safe and easy. We also guarantee prompt delivery, with 99% of orders completed within 10-30 minutes. Furthermore, our legit and stable sources of NBA 2K23 MT ensure you receive your coins without any safety issues.

We offer the lowest prices, fast delivery, a secure payment system, and 24/7 customer support. We also guarantee a no-hassle refund if your order has an issue. We offer a dozen payment options, making it easy for customers from all over to purchase NBA 2K23 MT. If you have any questions, our team of professionals is always available to help you via live chat. Our reliable and safe services guarantee a positive online buying experience.


What is NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 is the latest basketball entry in the NBA 2K series. The game features a massive roster of NBA players and teams, updated graphics and animations, improved physics and mechanics, and many game modes. 

Allows players to play with their favourite teams or create their dream teams in the MyCareer and MyTeam modes. This game also features an all-new online tournament feature, allowing players to compete in tournaments worldwide and win in-game rewards. With its improved visuals, game modes, and online features, NBA 2K23 will surely be a hit, with basketball fans everywhere.



  1. Create-A-Player: Learn how to create unique players and customize their attributes, abilities, and looks.
  2. MyCAREER: Create your player and take them on a journey to make it to the top of the NBA.
  3. MyTEAM: Build your dream team and compete in tournaments with other players worldwide.
  4. MyLEAGUE: Become the GM of your own NBA franchise and lead them to glory.
  5. Online Multiplayer: Compete against friends and opponents online in head-to-head matchups.
  6. Offline Multiplayer: Play with friends and family in local multiplayer.
  7. NBA Rules: Understand the rules of the NBA and how to use them to play their advantages.
  8. Neighbourhood: Explore a fully-realized open world and discover activities, minigames, and more.
  9. AI-Controlled Opponents: Play against AI-controlled opponents that can read and react to your every move.
  10. Game Modes: Enjoy a variety of game modes, from fast-paced arcade action to realistic simulations.
  11. Commentary: Listen to authentic comments from NBA TV's Shaquille O'Neal and Ernie Johnson Jr.
  12. Visuals: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and realistic animations.
  13. Soundtrack: Enjoy a dynamic soundtrack featuring music from today's hottest artists.
  14. Achievements: Compete for in-game achievements and bragging rights.
  15. Community: Join a thriving NBA 2K23 community and join in the discussion.


Why do players need MT in NBA 2K23?

MT Coins is a valuable currency in NBA 2K23, essential for players who wish to build their ideal team and increase its success rate. This Currency can be used in MyTEAM to upgrade your team or purchase player cards. Some of the strongest players require a large amount of NBA 2K23 MT, making it an essential part of the game.


How to Farm MT Coins quickly and effectively in NBA 2K23?

  1. Challenges: Challenges offer MT coins as a reward for completing them.
  2. Agendas: Agendas also offer MT coins for completing the group.
  3. Auction House: Snipe cards at a low price and sell them for a profit in the future.
  4. Road to Level 40: Complete Levels on the Road to Level 40 will help you gain MT coins.
  5. MyTEAM Packs: Buy VC to buy packs, and quickly sell or sell your items on the auction house from the pack to make MT.
  6. Various Modes: Triple Threat Online, Triple Threat Offline, Unlimited, Limited, Domination Mode, Triple Threat Co-Op, and Draft offer MT as rewards.
  7. Locker Codes: Sometimes MT or Tokens are offered from NBA 2K23 Locker Codes.
  8. MyCareer Set Up: You can use the daily wheel spins to gain prizes such as MT.


Is NBA 2K23 MT Safe?

Yes, NBA 2K23 MT Coins is safe on Ezwtb. Ezwtb offers a secure environment for buying NBA 2K23 MT Coins with SSL encryption and multiple security measures to protect customers from fraud. Ezwtb provides a live chat service for players to contact customer service with any inquiries.


Is NBA 2K23 MT Cheap?

Ezwtb offers competitive prices on NBA 2K23 MT and has discounts and promotions throughout the year to help customers save money. Additionally, We have a loyalty program that rewards returning customers with special discounts and other benefits.


How long does it take to receive NBA 2K23 MT?

The delivery time for Ezwtb is typically 1-2 hours but can be affected by the payment method and amount purchased. Ezwtb offers an express service that can deliver the Currency in as little as 10 minutes for faster delivery.

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