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NBA 2K23 Tutorial: How to master dribbling animations, controller sets and combos?

Dribbling is essential to NBA 2K, and having a few moves up your sleeve can help you dominate on the court. If you want to be a top player in NBA 2K23, mastering the art of dribbling is essential. This tutorial will provide the controller settings, animations, and mechanics behind some of the best dribbling moves. You can show off your skills with these tips and dominate the court.



NBA 2K23 Tutorial: How to master dribbling animations, controller sets and combos?


Controller Settings

The controller settings are the first thing to consider when it comes to dribbling. The most important setting to adjust is the Pro Stick Orientation. The default option is Camera Relative, meaning the controls will change based on the camera angle.

However, most dribblers prefer to use Absolute, meaning the controls will stay the same no matter the camera's angle. This makes it easier to get into a rhythm with your moves without thinking about where you are on the court.



Once your controller settings are adjusted, you can start looking at 2K23 animations. For smaller guards, Steve Francis is the best signature size up. It gives a nice sweeping cross, and you can press R2 at the correct time to get a speed boost. For a behind-the-back move, Russell Westbrook is the best choice. It gives a quick, sharp move that keeps the ball close to your body.

For a triple-threat dribble, Wizard is the best option. It gives a nice move that can be used to create space or make a pass. Finally, Kevin Durant is the best option for a signature size up. It gives a big hop animation that can fool your opponent.



We're in the Pro-Am course, and I've created a character based on this person. We have a big One Piece logo here, so let's start with the tutorial. Equip your NBA 2K23 items, and then we can move on.



This tutorial teaches how to make a basic crossover move in the Pro-Am course. To do the basic crossover, flick the right stick diagonally to the opposite of your ball hand. You can press R2 right when the ball switches to that hand to boost speed. You can also take one step and press R2 to get a speed boost without using adrenaline. Players like Steve Francis, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Dwyane Wade use this move.


Size of Escape

Start by diagonally moving the ball to the opposite hand to do the basic crossover. For Steve Francis, this is called the "Behind the Back Attic Chris Summerspace" and looks like he's dancing. Remember, this is a beginner tutorial, so don't get too complicated. 

Next, combine the size-up escape with the first crossover. This move depends on the size of your escape package and looks like a big hop. Hold the RT/R2 button and flick the right stick diagonally to the opposite hand to perform the size-up escape. 

The last move is the pullback. This move is great for creating space and shooting. Hold the RT/R2 buttons to perform the pullback and simultaneously push the right stick forward and the left stick down.


Step Back

This move, the "Oster Slide", is one of my favourite moves to do. It isn't very easy and requires you to hold R2 and move your right stick towards the rim. You then flick the right stick straight down, and you will see an animation that quickly changes your direction. You can also speed boost out of it and snatch back into it.

This is a great move to use against defenders who are trying to beat you at an angle. With this move, you can easily switch your direction and get a shot off.



I will show you why I put on Russell Westbrook - a move that looks simple but extremely effective. To do this move, press R2 and flick forward. It isn't easy to lose the ball when three people surround you. The beauty of this move is that you can press R2 and then run away from it or press square and go straight up.

To make a move even more effective, press R2, flick forward, and then flick back before the animation is complete. This move is so effective that I chose Kevin Durant for it.



To start your 2K game with a bang, you'll need to master a few key moves. The easiest move is to use the right stick and flick it straight down. This will help you to start combos and move around the court. If you want to do a squeeze slide, you can do this by flicking the right stick diagonally to the left. To do a Westbrook Hop back, use the left stick and do a KD bucket. You can also use the RT and spam left and right or do a size of escape combo.

To do this, hold RT and go diagonally to the opposite hand to get a big loop. If you do it again with the same hand, you will return. You can also make these moves between the legs and behind the back. With practice, you can master these moves and start killing people on the court.



Mastering the art of dribbling in NBA 2K23 is essential for anyone looking to be a top player. You can learn to pull off some of the best dribbling moves with the right controller settings, animations, and mechanics. From Steve Francis' signature size up to a Westbrook Hop Back, you can show off your skills and dominate the court. With practice and dedication, you can become the next NBA 2K23 superstar.

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